TUCIDA is the community’s lead agency for industrial recruitment and expansion, and we are in the business of helping business thrive.  The six-member authority is ready and willing to aid all businesses find the right combination to be successful.

Board members, left to right: Frank King; Carson Gleaton; Mayor J. D. Stallings; Chairman of Commissioners, Norman Allen; Dr. Larry Derico; Chairman IDA, Billy Johnston

TUCIDA offers a single point of contact for information, proposals, planning, and site assistance.  We own two industrial parks and one speculative building, and we have the ability to negotiate aggressive incentives for expanding companies.Thomaston-Upson County has many qualities that are attractive for business:  a pro-business government, a host of incentives, and a region workforce of over 65,000. We invite you to visit our community and see why business is looking up in Upson County.