Available Sites & Buildings

The TUCIDA understands that today’s business arena is a global arena, one which demands flexibility and efficiency. To help make our corporate citizens more competitive, the TUCIDA and State of Georgia offer incentives to make our community an attractive site for investment.

Available Sites

Central Georgia Business and Technology Park

The Central Georgia Business and Technology Park is a 240-acre park that features the entire utility infrastructure an industry would need. The Technology Park was recently named “Guaranteed Ready for Accelerated Development” (GRAD) by the Georgia Allies, and has a master plan that prospects may use when planning the construction of their operation. GRAD information More...

Thomaston Industrial Park

The Thomaston Industrial Park is a proven site for business.  With such tenants as Southern Company, Solutions Pest & Lawn, Criterion Technologies, and Chief Manufacturing, it is a wonderful park to call home. The park has the following amenities: – 12-inch water main in the park – 4-inch natural gas line in the park – More...