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Wednesday, May 2, 2018 
As part of Crown Technologys continued success and commitment to product diversification, We are pleased to announce the acquisition of the property at 600 Poplar Drive, Thomaston, GA. Crown Technology, LLC, based in Woodbury, GA produces various pavement marking products that are sold worldwide
This new location will house Crown Technology‘s “Preformed” Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Manufacturing Division. The most notable examples of this product to the driving public would include: various arrows seen on roadways, blue and white handicap parking symbols, bicycle related markings, various words such as “ONLY”, “LEFT”, “SOUTH”, etc. 
Crown will immediately begin with renovations to various parts of the new location in order to fit the needs of our manufacturing business and to provide a safe and effective work environment for our employees. Crown intends to begin manufacturing operations in late 2018 or early 2019, once renovations are completed. In anticipation of this acquisition and manufacturing expansion, Crown began hiring key staff to ensure adequate training at our existing location before moving operations to the new location. We fully anticipate further hiring before and after the facility opens. 
Crown Technology, LLC would like to express our gratitude to the Thomaston-Upson IDA and especially Kyle Fletcher, Executive Director. The Thomaston-Upson IDA was instrumental in providing Crown with information and building access as we researched and ultimately acquired the 600 Poplar Drive property. 
Crown Technology, LLC looks forward to this expansion and being a part of the Thomaston, GA community for many years to come! 
“Crown Technology will be a great addition to our local industrial base”, said IDA Executive Director Kyle Fletcher. We have a good working relationship with their team and are looking forward to assisting them as they prepare the plant for operation. 
Carson Gleaton, IDA Chairman added that this deal would not have been possible without the generous building donation by Scott Blackstock. “Understanding the dynamics and challenges of rural economic development is so important and Mr. Blackstock certainly has a passion for wanting our community to succeed, said Gleaton. 
The deal was brokered by Art Barry of Colwell Banker Commercial Eberhardt & Barry in Macon.

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